Ph.D. Candidate

Operations, Information and Technology

Graduate School of Business, Stanford University





Ph.D., Operations Information and Technology, Stanford University

   Advisor: Stefanos Zenios

   Committee: Peter GlynnJesper SorensenLawrence WeinKuang Xu

B.S., Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology



•   Stochastic Modeling

•   Data-driven Decision Making

•   Machine Learning

•   Data Analytics & Simulation


•   Entrepreneurship and Innovation

New Venture Creation

Lean Startup

Entrepreneurial Opportunity Search

•   Healthcare

Adaptive Clinical Trial Design

Operating Room Scheduling

Forensic Science

Research Works

"A Stochastic Steepest Descent Approach to Entrepreneurial Opportunity Search. " (Thesis) [draft link]

Z. Wang and S. Zenios.

To be Submitted to Management Science.


"New Venture Creation: A Drift-Variance Diffusion Control Model."  [link]

Z. Wang and S. Zenios.

Forthcoming in Operations Research.


"A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the No. of Samples to Collect and Test From a Sexual Assault." [link]

Z. Wang, K. MacMillan, M. Powell and L. Wein.

Forthcoming in PNAS.


"Adaptive Design of Clinical Trials: A Sequential Learning Approach." [link]

Z. Wang and S. Zenios.

Submitted to Management Science.


"Caseload is Increased by Resequencing Cases where Initial Patient Recovery is in ORs and Cleanup Times are Longer than Typical." [link]

Z. Wang, F. Dexter, and S. Zenios.

Forthcoming in Journal of Clinical Anesthesia.


"Short-Term Repositioning for Empty Vehicles on Ride-Sourcing Platforms." [link]

H. Wang and Z. Wang.

Proceedings of the INFORMS TSL Second Triennial Conference, 2020.